Contemporary Tenement House

At the cross roads of Stawki and Dubois Streets in Warsaw, the current location of a dilapidated precast concrete slab office facility, plans provide for developing a luxury apartment building. This is going to benefit the urban structure of the city with the improved aesthetics of the street. The project offers a number of advantages for inhabitants, who will enjoy new, cosy and luxury apartments in the beautiful Muranów district of Warsaw.
Współczesna miejska kamienica, budynek mieszkalny przy ul. Dubois 9
The urban structure surrounding the building was a starting point for us while determining the size and shape of the new facility. The division into two levels resulted directly from the architectural arrangement in the vicinity. The new facility is going to be made from high quality materials and will have a modern touch. It is going to be minimalistic in its style with noble colours, whereas repeated multiple components provide the sense of orderly space.
Współczesna miejska kamienica, budynek mieszkalny przy ul. Dubois 9
The division into two levels highlighted with differences in colours applied corresponds to the division into two parts of the building. Each of them contains apartments of a different profile. The lower section consists of smaller, two to three rooms apartments. In the upper section, only 3 spacious apartments will be developed at each floor. Regardless their size and location in the building, all apartments meet high performance standards. The building is designed to remain open to the city space. It will not be fenced and city gardens from the west and commercial spaces from the east will make it friendly and liveable place for tenants.

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