As an experienced architectural office, operating on the market for over 30 years, we support our clients by providing high-quality consulting and pre-project consulting services, aimed at identifying investment opportunities, profitability and risk management.

At the initial stage of the investment, we analyze the potential location in terms of meeting the assumed expectations. We deal with all formalities, such as preparation of technical documentation, obtaining the necessary decisions and permits, as well as technical issues regarding water, sewage and energy installations.

In addition, we take responsibility for contact with public institutions. We have extensive experience in preparing functional-utility programs and other tender documentation in accordance with regulations for public tenders.

When planning the modernization of existing facilities, we perform all activities aimed at comprehensive development of existing spaces/interiors of the building, always in a maximally functional manner and taking into account the individual requirements and needs of the client.

We cooperate with both Polish and foreign investors, large development companies and public institutions. We have extensive experience in implementing projects of various scales and difficulties. Our offices in Warsaw and Szczecin enable us to provide effective customer service throughout the country.

Our services include:

  1. Energy audits,
  2. Technical audits, including fire protection issues,
  3. Technical condition assessments, expertise, and technical opinions,
  4. Advising on planned “green field” investments and modernization,
    1. Analyses and opinions on planning issues (records of local plans or their absence, neighboring buildings, etc.),
    2. Analyses of ground conditions, access to the public roads, access to water, sewage systems, energy installations as well as analysis of other investment risks,
  5. Advisory services for sustainable construction and the use of renewable energy sources,
  6. Analyzing possibilities for change of use of a facility,
  7. Analyzing possibility/profitability of renovation,
  8. Analyzing sunlight and shading conditions for residential projects, sunlight analysis audits,
  9. Compliance analyses with Local Spatial Development Plans or planning permitions,
  10. Due diligence for land investing – local regulations analysis, development feasibility, environmental due diligence
  11. Preliminary urban and architectural concepts,
  12. Cost estimation for project implementation,
  13. Functional-utility programs in accordance with regulations for public tenders,
  14. Development of project work schedules,