Mariacka Tenement House

Design type
conceptual (competition), construction and executive
Piotr Krajewski
Calbud sp. z o.o.
Usable area
2 085,00 m²
Number of units
Before WWII, a fur workshop was situated at no. 6 Mariacka Street. A product showroom was set at the first floor, whereas the second and third floors included production facilities. That stretch of the street was completely ruined during the war. In 1979, a new office building was erected and stood there for another 30 years as a seat of a catholic organization. After its demolishing, we faced a challenge of filling the architectural gap within the Old Town area. The latter is listed in the historical monuments register and a number of architectural landmarks of Szczecin are situated in its vicinity. While designing a new building, we paid special attention to mixed residential and service functions and the above historical context.

Priority was given to keeping the uninterrupted line of houses and improving the quality of public space of Mariacka Street as well as developing land in the backyard.

The building has the appearance of old town architecture with a bit of a modern touch in its form. It occupies a number of pre-war plots. Since the façade has been segmented, it makes an impression of six separate frontal walls. We introduced clear vertical divisions, historical architectural details and elevated ground floor with services linked with a neighbouring house at no. 10 Mariacka Street. The facades are chiefly made of stone and aluminium, which in combination with carefully selected architectural details provide high quality of architecture and its timeless nature. In the backyard, the elevation incudes elements identical with those in the front of the house. However, the architecture there is more contemporary.

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