Preparatory work is underway to begin the demolition of the SDS, the Szczecin Sports House

In August this year, we began the design work on a redevelopment and modernisation the Szczecin Sports House. The project involves the reconstruction of the swimming pool and sports hall at the SDS sports facility at 16 Wąska Street in Szczecin.

The redevelopment is urgently needed after many years of technical and structural degradation of the facility. Another objective is to bring it in line with contemporary requirements set by sport federations and building regulations.

The swimming pool will be extended to 30 metres and locally deepened to 4.5 metres. The water filtration and treatment technology applied will be a top-notch solution available on the market and used elsewhere in Europe.

Wizualizacja Szczecińskiego Domu Sportu z lotu ptaka

The new sports hall will be enlarged to include pitches that meet the requirements for indoor international and domestic tournaments.

The architectural form of the facility is based on the aforementioned contemporary requirements for sports games, while also making a reference to the original forms of the 1960s.

The project is based on the design-build method. The full design documentation for the redevelopment and modernisation of the SDS is prepared by the Dedeco Architecture Studio, while the construction of the building has been vested in Budimex S.A.

At the end of November 2023, we obtained a permit to demolish a part of the old facility, including the swimming pool and the hall. The demolition work is to begin shortly.

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