DEDECO - Architectural office
Szczecin | Warszawa

Beautiful buildings
and the power of
their attraction.


We design buildings that meet very diverse needs of our clients.

Our architectural studios in Szczecin and Warsaw develop designs that are technically modern and aesthetically timeless. Be it advanced science and research facility, compound with complex functions, and a sports facility, each design demonstrates our reliable professional approach. We have more than 30 years of experience which gives us confidence while making our design decisions and allows us to precisely address our clients’ expectations. Buildings we design combine aesthetic qualities with utility and technical efficiency.

Our projects

B437EAE5-95D8-439A-9B18-2BE9EDDEED51Created with sketchtool.


Wydział Informatyki

Clinical, didactic and research
building PUM

B437EAE5-95D8-439A-9B18-2BE9EDDEED51Created with sketchtool.


Student dormitory for Adam
Mickiewicz University in Poznań

B437EAE5-95D8-439A-9B18-2BE9EDDEED51Created with sketchtool.


Toruń Arena

B437EAE5-95D8-439A-9B18-2BE9EDDEED51Created with sketchtool.


Latest news

Wizualizacja nowego Kompleksu Sportowego Szczecińskiego Domu Sportu

Preparatory work is underway to begin the demolition of the SDS, the Szczecin Sports House

The Construction has begun on a residential and commercial building at Św. Ducha Street in Szczecin

The Opening of the Meteor Student Hall in Poznań

The construction of a building for the Szczecin-based Pomeranian Medical University begins/ article in Architektura Murator