Nova III Tenement House

Design type
conceptual, construction and executive
Andrzej Golc
Calbud sp. z o.o.
Usable area
8 210,22 m²
Number of units

In Szczecin, the characteristic quarter-like structure with many roundabouts and squares, originally created as part of the old fort redevelopment project, defines the street grid and its building space typical of the 19th-century urban fabric in Western Pomerania. The building concerned was designed and put in use in the first quarter of 2022. It is located between Narutowicza and Langiewicza streets and completes the historical urban layout by filling the space left after a former military bakery. The development of this part of the plot is the third and final stage of the Kamienica Nova Project.

The basic design objective makes reference to the post-German style of building. Moreover, it also meets contemporary requirements to maintain fire safety in narrow spaces, as well as the desire to keep the interior part attractive for future residents by developing a “green” courtyard. The aim is to create peaceful and calm ambience in the vicinity of a buzzing city centre. From the side of Langiewicza and Narutowicza streets, the frontage has the form typical of “tenement houses” as it is entwined with a residential part placed in the middle of the quarter. A pattern of frontage elevations was also predefined in the project. Each section of the ‘tenement house’ was given slightly different detailing, finishes, proportions and colours. This produced a diverse piece of urban architecture that is modern in its expression, reminiscent of traditional 19th-century townhouses, and at the same time it contributes to a coherent and legible urban structure.

Since the building is located in the most attractive part of the city, we focused on developing a very high utility standard for its new inhabitants. To this end, we used, among other things, large glazed surfaces on the façades, including commercial outlets on ground floor and flats at all residential levels. On the street side, each section has full height floor-to-ceiling windows with glass balustrades, while in the interior of the quarter, each flat has a balcony, loggia or a home garden. The seven-storey development, with spacious well-lit studios, flats, and commercial outlets, is complemented by an underground garage that stretches on the entire plot, providing parking places, storage units and a bicycle room. Additionally, residents may enjoy an internal courtyard with green, playground and leisure space.

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