Estate of multi-family houses at Redutowa Street in Warsaw

Design type
conceptual, construction and executive
Okam Academicus Sp. z o.o.
Usable area
74 162,50 m²
Number of units
We have designed a residential estate surrounded by greenery in the middle of a brownfield site at the Warsaw’s district of Wola. Previously occupied by a dairy plant, the plot was set to develop a cluster of four eight-floor buildings. Although located close to the city centre and major streets, such as Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia and Wolska, the location is surrounded from three sides by greenery. The location has actually inspired us to introduce more green into the interior of the housing estate. Contrary to the majority of contemporary housing estates, a large part of the plot rests on natural ground, without anything like a car park underneath. This enables us to plan tall trees which, in time, will engulf the residential estate with thick green.
Wizualizacja osiedla budynków wielorodzinnych przy ul. Redutowej w Warszawie z sąsiadującą zielenią
The wide spread recreation area of the housing estate includes a variety of solutions to cater for different age groups and preferences. These include a large playground for children, calisthenics equipment for adolescents and adults, a running strip and a separated section for dogs, rest and relaxation zone in between trees, as well as a local vegetable garden. We have planned a number of attractions, including an open air theatre with lit fog formed over water and a fountain which allure inhabitants to spend their time outdoors and interact with their neighbours.
Wizualizacja osiedla budynków wielorodzinnych przy ul. Redutowej w Warszawie z sąsiadującą zielenią

To fully utilize the unique qualities of the site, all flats are planned with large balconies and terraces, as well as large windows commanding an excellent view of the greenery. Flats located at top floors have access to the roof terrace. Flats are made in different sizes so everyone can find one that is suitable for themselves.

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