Resi4R programme

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interior design, Interior Finishing Standard under Resi4R programme
Echo Investment
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Resi4Rent is one of the first housing rental platforms. The project is a joint venture of R4R Sarl, a firm controlled by a fund operated by one of leading investment management firms in the world, and Echo Investment, a party responsible for planning, designing and implementation of the investment. For the purpose of the project, we developed the General Construction as well as Interior and Common Space Finishing Standards for Echo Investment.
Nowoczesne wnętrze, Resi4rent
Nowoczesne wnętrze, Resi4rent
The Standards provide guidelines for designers and contractors. Their objective is to offer comprehensive recommendations for preliminary arrangement, structure of apartments, installations, and detailed interior design solutions, quality level, durability of materials and design patterns for inbuilt furniture. The document was developed with due care of colour coordination and compliance of materials with interior finishing options. Apart from suggesting functions, finishing materials and equipment, the Standards help to select lighting and movable pieces of furniture that comprise a complete interior arrangement.
Nowoczesne wnętrze, Resi4rent
Nowoczesne wnętrze, Resi4rent

The Standards should facilitate designing and building, make hassle free use of apartments by future tenants, as well as provide support to the housing rental management.

Thus, we can offer a complete and cohesive product, namely a fully decorated and furnished apartments (including optional movable furniture) developed using robust and easily available materials. 

Nowoczesne wnętrze, Resi4rent
Nowoczesne wnętrze, Resi4rent

While developing the interior execution design for 304 units at Rychtalska Street in Wrocław, we used ready-made Standards. They helped to optimize designing and make the process really enjoyable.

As part of the project, we have also designed a rental office where we contrasted back with light colours and used natural wood elements. The individual character of the office is determined by juxtaposing contrasting colours on larger surfaces. Considering its different function and unique nature, the office space had to stand out and contrast with modest colours and universal arrangements of housing interiors. The 40 m2 unit is occupied by office space with 3 work posts, space for clients, back facilities and documentation storage. Due to its limited space and the need to maintain cohesion with the rest of the building, special attention is given to furniture design and decoration details.
Nowoczesne wnętrze, Resi4rent

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