Fountain Avenue Residence

This 19th-century corner building is located in the very heart of Szczecin, at the largest and most representative star-shaped square in the historical city centre. The layout of the square, which follows the Parisian planning pattern, is an essential element of the monumental urban development at Grunwaldzki Square (formerly Kaiser Wilhelm Platz). The tenement house, […]

Estate of multi-family houses at Redutowa Street in Warsaw

We have designed a residential estate surrounded by greenery in the middle of a brownfield site at the Warsaw’s district of Wola. Previously occupied by a dairy plant, the plot was set to develop a cluster of four eight-floor buildings. Although located close to the city centre and major streets, such as Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia […]

Nova III Tenement House

In Szczecin, the characteristic quarter-like structure with many roundabouts and squares, originally created as part of the old fort redevelopment project, defines the street grid and its building space typical of the 19th-century urban fabric in Western Pomerania. The building concerned was designed and put in use in the first quarter of 2022. It is […]

Apartamenty Podgórna

The investment site is situated within buildings developed well before WWII, which in the past was a part of a medieval city. Because of the damage, remains of medieval buildings were demolished after the war and the site was developed anew. The form of the planned building refers to the historical context and its new […]

Mariacka Tenement House

Before WWII, a fur workshop was situated at no. 6 Mariacka Street. A product showroom was set at the first floor, whereas the second and third floors included production facilities. That stretch of the street was completely ruined during the war. In 1979, a new office building was erected and stood there for another 30 […]

Dubois 9 Apartments

At the cross roads of Stawki and Dubois Streets in Warsaw, at the current location of a dilapidated precast concrete slab office facility, plans provide for developing a luxury apartment building. This is going to benefit the urban structure of the city with the improved aesthetics of the street. The project offers a number of […]